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“It’s my goal as your family lawyer to make the difficult process of divorce as uncomplicated and efficient as possible.”

Making your Divorce Simple and Straightforward

Divorce can be a difficult emotional time, and the issues you’re facing may be complex and confusing. Fortunately, at the Law Offices of Sam Christopher Allevato, principal of the practice solely dedicated to family law needs, helps make your divorce process as simple and straightforward as possible.  Mr. Allevato skillfully works with you to diffuse conflict, separate subjective emotional issues from objective legal facts, and guides you towards the better life that is waiting for you after your divorce.

Focusing on a Swift and Appropriate Settlement
While your divorce will have unique issues and specifics, Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato knows from over 13 years of experience the ideal strategy for you is one that takes you towards a fair and equitable settlement as soon as possible.  This keeps your costs low, minimizes emotional stress, and helps you more quickly enjoy your new, post-divorce life.  In addition, if children are involved, Attorney Allevato’s commitment to negotiating your resolution in an ethical and expeditious manner ensures that you and your ex-spouse are prepared to be responsible, capable and respectful “co-parents”— since that is a new role that you’ll both need to assume.

Organized, Thorough and Always Better Prepared
To ensure your best interests and those of your children, Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato is always organized and always prepared to make sure those interests are prepared to try to settle, or if necessary, litigate in court—which is a distinct advantage both in and out of court.  In addition, he ensures that all paperwork, disclosure documents, letters and pleadings are checked for accuracy before being submitted.  And if a matter cannot be settled and must go to trial, he begins preparation in advance to ensure that your rights are totally represented and zealously defended.

When Settlement Fails
In the event that settlement fails, Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato is prepared to advocate in an aggressive, yet reasonable fashion.  When court intervention is required, he is well prepared, aggressive and capable of successfully delivering his client’s position in court.  Attorney Allevato’s extensive trial experience offers his clients the ability to be confident that they will be well represented in court when settlement fails.

Schedule a Consultation
If you would like to schedule a 60-minute consultation with Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato, please contact his office staff, Janet Stapleton or Angela Santivanez at (714) 832-1166, fax (714) 832-2647 or contact us online today.

Sam Christopher Allevato, Attorney at Law has been successfully serving clients in Orange, San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties, including the cities in and around surrounding areas since 2000.