Spousal Support

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Spousal support, also called alimony, is often a very emotional subject for both parties.  When marriage partners are dealing with the stresses of a loss of their marital relationship, they sometimes have a difficult time in understanding why they have to support their former spouse, or why their spouse is not required to support them.  The Law Offices of Sam Christopher Allevato, Attorney at Law helps our clients find equitable and reasonable solutions to their spousal support/alimony disputes.

Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato listens to your concerns, answers your questions, explains California law as it applies to your situation, and works with you to achieve your goals regarding alimony.  Call us at (714) 832-1166 or contact us online to arrange for a consultation with an experienced alimony lawyer.

Spousal Support and the Law

In cases involving marriages of 10 years or more in which one spouse has not worked, the Court will typically order long term spousal support.  In cases involving shorter marriages, spousal support may be permanent or temporary, and sometimes it will not be necessary at all.  Court-mandated spousal support, like child support, can be modified due to a significant change in circumstances.

Courts mandate temporary or permanent spousal support in some cases.  In other cases, the spouses negotiate the inclusion or exclusion of alimony as a part of their final divorce settlement.  Tax considerations can make these decisions much more complicated.  The importance of these orders are paramount to the quality of life you will live long after the dissolution case has ended.  Therefore, it is essential for you to hire a knowledgeable and confident lawyer that has experience handling these financial matters.

Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato has represented numerous clients in divorce and alimony matters for over 13 years.  Our firm will carefully analyze your situation and work to achieve the best solution for you.  You may wish to achieve a settlement involving a one-time payout of assets rather than a long-term commitment to paying alimony, or vice versa.  Our firm can explore these options with the goal of protecting your rights, supporting your wishes, seeking justice for all parties, and helping you make a successful transition to life after marriage.

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