Same Sex Marriages

Same-Sex Divorce Attorney

Many same-sex couples in California require necessary legal services.  In some cases, legal representation may be required for a legal separation or divorce.  At the Law Offices of Sam Christopher Allevato, Attorney at Law we provide experienced representation in all aspects of family law, including same-sex divorce and dissolution of a domestic partnership.  Attorney Allevato has been handling divorce and family law cases for more since 2000.

Same-sex marriages are legal in California.  California first began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples on June 16, 2008, as a result of the California Supreme Court ruling in In re Marriage Cases, (2008) 43 Cal.4th 757.  The Court found that barring same-sex couples from marriage violated the state’s constitution. The issuance of those licenses was halted during the period of November 5, 2008 through June 27, 2013 (though existing same-sex marriages continued to be valid) due to the passage of Proposition 8- a California Constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriages.  However, the granting of same-sex marriages in California recommenced following the United States Supreme Court decision in Hollingworth v. Perry, which restored the effect of a Federal District Court ruling that overturned Proposition 8 as unconstitutional.

While certain tax issues require specific attention in a same-sex dissolution, most issues in a same-sex divorce are the same as in any other divorce.  Property must be characterized and divided.  Children, if the couple has adopted or artificial insemination, must be shared and custody determined.  Responsibility for debts must be assigned.  Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato utilizes a creative and proactive approach to help resolve disputes as efficiently, effectively and amicably as possible.  In most cases, Attorney Allevato is able to avoid protracted litigation while fully preserving our clients’ financial and parental rights.  When disputes are not resolved, we have the trial experience necessary to vigorously protect our clients’ rights.

Orange County Family Law Attorney Handling Same Sex Marriages

Whether you decide to seek a legal separation or a dissolution of marriage, Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato will work to resolve all of the legal issues, so that you can move forward in life in the most positive and productive manner possible.

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