Dissolution of Marriage

Caring and Supportive Southern California Divorce Attorney

The end of a marriage is one of the most stressful and trying times in a person’s life.  The future is fraught with uncertainty, and negative emotions have a tendency to spill over into all other aspects of life.  Now is the time to seek qualified representation and start to plan ahead for a successful transition and new life.  Now is the time to call the Law Offices of Sam Christopher Allevato, Attorney at law for help today.

At the offices of Sam Christopher Allevato, Attorney at Law we believe that the dissolution of a marriage can be a first and necessary step toward a better future.  Although the process may seem daunting and laden with pitfalls there is hope and the ability to avoid costly and unnecessary attorney fees and litigation time.  “There is a great life waiting for you even after dissolution,” is one of Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato’s encouraging suggestions.  We guide our clients through this difficult process and help them move forward in a positive, healing, and supportive manner.

Our firm represents clients in all aspects of marital dissolution, including:

  • Dissolution of marraige
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Community property division
  • Child support
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Annulment
  • Legal Separation
  • Other related matrimonial issues

A Personalized Approach to Divorce

For over 13 years, Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato has helped clients find fair and reasonable solutions to all manner of divorce and family law related issues.  He believes that everyone has a unique destiny in life.  Attorney Allevato seeks to create a specialized exit plan to enable clients to achieve their full potential as individuals, as parents, and in their professional lives.  He and his staff know that every family law problem is different, and each requires a customized solution.  Attorney Allevato takes the time to map out a strategy for each client individually and prepares his clients with an exit plan for successful living after the dissolution is final.

Our first priority is to understand your unique situation, including your goals for yourself and your family.  Once we know those things, we explore the possible legal strategies at our disposal, and how we can achieve an outcome that is workable, fair, and progressive.  At our firm, we not only believe in finding solutions to your family law problems, but also believe in a holistic approach, advocating reconciliation and family therapy whenever possible – we help our clients resume their lives upon resolving their family law disputes in a productive and positive fashion.

If you are facing divorce or currently considering the potentiality of this situation in your life, the thought of positive solutions to your problems may seem like an impossible dream, or even like a bitter joke.  You may have even heard that all divorces must be a, “nightmare.”  This is not true.  At the Law Offices of Sam Christopher Allevato we are confident that a better future awaits you.  By finding a fair and reasonable solution, we help you reach that future and create a happier life for yourself and your children.

For a consultation with Sam Christopher Allevato, Attorney at Law, please call (714) 832-1166 or contact us online today.  Our firm successfully represents clients throughout most Southern California communities.