Community Property

Understanding and Considerate Orange County and Surrounding Counties Community Property Lawyer

In California, the general presumption is that all property acquired during a marriage is community property, and should be split equally following a divorce.  The same presumption applies to marital debts; any liabilities incurred during the marriage should also be split equally following a divorce.  The process of identifying what truly is community property and dividing it can be very difficult.  Over the course of a marriage assets can become mixed.  A separate asset may be used to acquire a portion of a community asset.  Identifying and valuing community property can be hotly contested, and can lead to costly and time-consuming litigation.

Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato is an experienced divorce and family law attorney successfully serving Orange and surrounding counties for more than 13 years.   Attorney Allevato’s office has extensive experience in all types of property division matters, particularly those involving large or complex assets.  Mr. Allevato’s knowledge, experience, and compassion in such matters will be of great help to you in securing and protecting your assets.  We work with you, the opposing counsel and party, and the judge to find a fair and reasonable solution to your community property dispute(s).  Successful resolutions are an important motivation to Attorney Allevato’s office and strict ethical principles are considered essential in all matters at this office.  Attorney Allevato believes this may be a difficult time in your life; however, you are in good hands at this firm and your case will be handled in a respectful fashion with the utmost dignity.  Your matter will be treated with an intention of preparing you for life after your case.

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Thorough and Meticulous

Sam Christopher Allevato, Attorney at Law has successfully represented numerous clients in complex property division cases for more than 13 years.   Our office understands community property laws and how the Court views particular asset and liability issues.

In analyzing your case, we carefully investigate all aspects of your financial position and that of your spouse.  To that end, you can help by collecting as much information about your spouse’s situation as possible.  When needed, we call in forensic accountants, financial analysts, appraisers, and business valuation specialists to strengthen our client’s case.  We also know how to analyze and challenge the assertions made by opposing counsel regarding asset and property issues.  We are thorough and meticulous in our approach.

Protecting Your Assets

A community property asset can be virtually anything – physical assets like a car, a house, vacation property, pension assets or a 401-K, an art collection, or a royalty stream.  Our firm will work to protect your assets and achieve the best property settlement possible for all parties.  If necessary, we will assertively litigate to achieve your goals.

If you are contemplating marriage, you may want to consider drawing up a prenuptial agreement which can identify separate property before the marriage, and make provisions for how the property in question is to be viewed in the event of divorce.  This area is of special consideration by Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato as it is generally considered an extremely sensitive suggestion to a perspective spouse.  Attorney Allevato will advise you appropriately while keeping in mind the sensibilities of your spouse and will work with you to obtain a favorable solution to protecting your assets moving forward into your new marriage.

Whatever the community property matter at hand, Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato can preserve your assets, protect your rights and help you move forward with your life.

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