“Sam helped me navigate through all the ups and downs of a frustrating divorce and custody situation.  He was always ready with good advice, keeping me focused and on track as we worked through the various hurdles thrown at us by the other party. In the end, we managed to permanently eliminate any alimony opportunity for my ex and negotiate a reasonable child custody situation.  I would absolutely recommend Sam to anyone who is poised to go through this process as his calmness and directness will serve you well during a challenging situation!”

– Dr. S.Y.

“Finally a good family law attorney who cares.”

Sam demonstrated professionalism and thorough knowledge of family law. He  has a passion for what he does and truly cares about his clients.  It has been a long road to travel, but Sam has been there for me and my daughter every step of the way, even after hours and weekends  He has a way of making you feel, even in the most stressful of times, that everything is going to be okay.  Through his hard work and determination, Sam was able to reach favorable outcomes that I didn’t think were possible. I highly recommend Sam for someone looking to resolve their family law issues.  Sam never quit on me and has allowed me to become a “PROUD FATHER” once again.  

Thank you Sam, I couldn’t have done this without your help.  When my daughter gets older one day, I am sure she will thank you too.”

– T.I.

Great legal assistance!

      ” My name is Jonathan P. Two years ago, I decided that it was best for me and my family to sever ties with my ex wife.  Not knowing who to ask for help, my best friend recommended Sam C. Allevato. At our initial conference, Sam was very direct and thorough in explaining the legal process and steps involved with the divorce.  It took quite an effort to get what I believe was best for my kids; sole legal and sole physical custody, but it was worth it. Sam was prepared for every hearing, supportive and available to offer clarity and guidance.  We are able to garner a fair judgment that reduced my financial liabilities and was able to keep my children in the safest, most stable position, with me, their father.

            I have no doubt in Sam’s ability to defend his clients in court. He is an upstanding individual who showed me that he goes the extra mile for his clients.”

– Jonathan P.

“Fewer things in life are more emotional or life altering than the end of a marriage.  At least that was the case for me.  As a woman very committed to my marriage and family, divorce was unimaginable.  However, when it became apparent my legal marriage was going to dissolve I was referred by a close friend to Sam Allevato.  Having a knowledgeable and committed attorney to represent me was paramount considering the emotional state I was in at the time.  Negotiating these waters without sound counsel was not an option and working with Sam was the best gift I gave myself during the entire proceedings.  Sam was not only well versed in Family Law and an exceptional attorney, he was also keenly in tune with myself and my children throughout the process understanding the difficulty we all were experiencing.  Sam was truly an advocate for myself and my children and I found his professionalism and support to be unmatched.  If anyone should ever find themselves in the dark place of dissolving a marriage I can speak from personal experience that Sam’s service, attention to detail, willingness to listen, along with his ability to narrow the issues were the reasons my case resulted in a positive outcome.  I highly recommend Sam to anyone who may unexpectedly find themselves in need of an attorney to walk alongside them on this narrow path.”

MaryKate M.

” When faced with the difficult circumstances of navigating family courts, representation is paramount.  Choosing the right attorney can be quite a confusing process.  Unfortunately, this process saw me through two other attorneys before fate introduced me to Sam Allevato.  From the moment I met Sam I knew I could finally resolve my situation because he cared not only for me but for the relationship between myself and my daughter. Things don’t always work out the way you hope they would, especially in family court, but with an attorney that is truly dedicated to your case and what’s best for your family, time will heal all wounds.  In the fray it is easy to forget what is most important, Sam makes sure you’re reminded of it and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I have two attorneys I consider friends, one I played college football with and the other, Sam Allevato.”

“Thank you Sam!”

Kyle T.

“Sam Allevato’s professionalism and expertise were invaluable help to me during my divorce process.  From the day I hired Sam Allevato, my experience was positive and professional.  Sam is approachable and easy to communicate with.  He never wasted my time and was forthcoming in helping me be more proactive with my case.  I always felt like my divorce was just as important to Sam and his assistant, Angela, as it was to me.   Divorce can be very painful, and Sam had a way of appreciating my emotions but not dwelling on them.  He kept me focused and in the end, I could not have asked for anything more.  I would highly recommend Sam to anyone going through the painful process of a divorce.”

Arin G.