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Technically speaking, an annulment of a marriage is the legal recognition that the marriage is not valid.  From a legal point of view, after the annulment decree has been entered it is as if the marriage ceremony never occurred.  Not every marriage can be annulled and the decision whether to seek an annulment or a dissolution can only be made with the advice of an experienced lawyer.  Since the decision to seek an annulment can have emotional, spiritual, financial, and legal implications, you need an attorney who takes an all-encompassing approach.

At the Law Office of Sam Christopher Allevato, Attorney at Law, we do take the all-encompassing approach you need, and have successfully handled many annulments.  We can inform you of your options regarding the dissolution of your marriage, and whether an annulment or a divorce is best for you.

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Two Types of Annulments

Under California law, there are two types of annulment actions:

Void Marriage – a void marriage is a one made in violation of California law, such as a bigamous or incestuous marriage. It was never a legal marriage.

Voidable Marriage – a voidable marriage is one which is legal, but can be deemed a non-marriage through an annulment action and decree from the court. Grounds for annulment include a prior existing marriage, underage participants, physical incapacity, marriage made by force or under duress, unsound mind, or fraud.

Most people think of annulments as being appropriate for marriages of short-duration.  However, from a legal perspective the length of the marriage does not have nearly the significance on the outcome for the request for relief.

Legal and Spiritual Counsel

If the marriage can be annulled, an annulment can provide significant advantages.  A normal divorce proceeding involves the division of community property and possibly spousal support.  If children are involved, provisions for child custody and visitation must also be addressed.  In an annulment proceeding, these can be avoided, as can the six month waiting period needed for a divorce.  On the other hand, an annulment can be a lengthy and complicated legal process that inevitably is determined by the Judge.

The decision to annul or to divorce is not an easy one, and it requires informed legal counsel.  Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato can help evaluate your situation and explain the legal strategies available to you, as well as the costs of both the annulment and divorce options.  At our firm, we recognize that an annulment can involve the same type of emotional turmoil and uncertainty as a divorce, which is why we advocate reconciliation, family therapy, and perhaps spiritual counseling whenever appropriate – we believe in healing you as well as helping you.  Let Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato prepare an appropriate exit plan for you so that you can move on with your life with your loved ones.

Whether you decide to seek an annulment or a dissolution of marriage or a legal separation, Attorney Sam Christopher Allevato will work to resolve all of the legal issues, so that you can move forward in life in the most positive and productive manner possible.

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